Williams v. Williams & 2 Ors. [No. 2]

The appellant and respondents are the children of the late Chief F.R.A. Williams SAN, CFR, CON. On the 26th March, 2005, they reached an agreement that their 35 father had revoked every testamentary disposition made by him before his death. Disputes arose among the children about the settlement of the estate and after several meetings, entered into an agreement dated 25th November, 2005. This
agreement contained an arbitration clause. Subsequently, the 1st and 2nd respondents discovered a holographic will said to have been made by their father and lodged in the Probate Registry of the Lagos State High Court. They sought to propound the will, but the appellant and the 3rd respondent lodged a caveat against it.

2014 4 CLRN 86
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