Raji v. O.A.U.

The appellant was employed as an Associate Professor (Reader) by the respondent under conditions of service which included a 3 (three) year probation period commencing from the 22nd March 2007.

The appellant alleged that after his probation period expired, the respondent allowed him to continue teaching. However, he received a letter from the respondent on the 30th November 2010 but dated 27th August 2010 informing him that his services were no longer needed.

Therefore, he instituted this suit against the respondent and prayed the court to determine whether his appointment was not confirmed by the respondent after the probation period of 3 (three) years and whether the purported termination of his appointment by the respondent’s letter of August 27, 2010 is illegal, null and void.

2014 2 CLRN 129
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