Idufueko v. Pfizer Products Ltd. & Anor

The appellant who at the material time was a Regional Director of the 1st respondent, sent a memo to the 2nd respondent who was the Chairman and Managing Director of the 1st respondent; ostensibly to apprise him of the state of affairs of the 1st respondent, but which served to express his displeasure about the way the 2nd respondent was running the 1st respondent. The 2nd respondent asked the appellant to withdraw the memo but he refused. As a result of the refusal, the 2nd respondent wrote a letter terminating the appellant’s employment. Displeased, the appellant sued the 1st respondent claiming special 15 and general damages for the unlawful termination of his employment. The appellant alternatively sought relief agaisnt the 2nd respondent for interference with his legal relationship with the 1st respondent, contending that the 1st respondent was bound to employ him until he attained the retirement age of 60 years.

2014 8 CLRN 53
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