George v. F.R.N.

The appellant was the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA). The appellant along with other members of the board was charged with 68 counts relating to offences under the Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Act, 2000, and sections 104, 203 and 517 of the Criminal Code Cap. 32 Vol. 2 Laws of Lagos State of Nigeria 1994,

The accused persons were alleged to have exceeded the limit of their authority to award contracts and contrived to bring the contracts within their limits by splitting
them while also inflating prices.

The appellant denied the charges and asserted that all contracts originated from below the Board level where Appraisal Officers carried out market survey and price
intelligence before advising on the sum for which contracts should be awarded and that the Board only to approved contracts if satisfied with Management proposals.

2014 1 CLRN 1
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