Emirates Airline v. Ngonadi

The respondent purchased a return ticket to Canada through a travel agent. The 25 appellant conveyed her to Canada via Dubai. On the return leg, she had successfully checked in at the airport in Canada but was not allowed to board the aircraft on the ground that she did not have a paper ticket. The respondent wrote to the appellant through her solicitor demanding compensation. When the appellant failed to pay the sum demanded, the respondent commenced an action at the Federal High Court, Lagos claiming among other things, the sum of N200,245.00 (Two Hundred Thousand Two Hundred and Forty Five Naira) for breach of the terms of contract of carriage of passenger by air being the total sum of the ticket; general damages for breach of the contract of carriage and costs of the action assessed at N10,000,000 (Ten Million Naira).

2014 6 CLRN 190
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