The Respondent rented his property situated within Lagos State to the Appellants. While in possession of the property, the Appellants vacated the premises due to increasing disturbance from the Respondent. In the process of inspecting the vacated premises, the Respondent discovered that the Appellants had damaged parts of the property moreover, the Appellants were in arrears of rent. Based on the damaged property and the arreas of rent, the Respondent instituted an action against the Appellants at the High Court of Ogun State, Ota Division urging the court to grant him both the arrears of rent as well as damages for the demolished premises..

Upon being served with the originating processes from the court, the Appellants filed an application before the court challenging the jurisdiction of the court to determine the matter since both the subject matter of the action which is the property and the cause of action which is the arrears of rent occasioned from Lagos State.

2015 12
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