Bashiru Atanda v. H. Saffeiddine Transport Ltd

The appellant was a tanker driver with the respondent company and by a letter he was informed that his services were no longer required with effect from 05/1/98. When all efforts to persuade the respondent to rescind its decision failed, he engaged the services of alegal practitioner,who wrote a number of letters to the respondent, and when that also failed to achieve any results, the appellant instituted an action at the Ibadan High Court of Oyo State,wherein he claimed in his writ of summons a declaration that the termination of his appointment was illegal,unconstitutional and not in accordance with the terms and conditions of his employment with the respondent company and also claimed for the sum of310 million naira as general damages for the unlawful termination of the his employment.

2007 8 CLRN 114
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