Akoma & Anor. v. Osenwokwu & 2 Ors.

The respondents are indigenes of Ogodor town, Asaba and commenced this suit as representatives of the people of the town. The appellants are indigenes of Usebe Village, Ebu and were sued for themselves and as representatives of the people of Ebu. The appellants and respondents had filed two different suits at separate courts. Both suits were consolidated. The respondents claimed that they inherited a vast parcel of land known as Ofia Ogodo in Asaba from their ancestors, Okogboi. They claimed that the land was sold to Okogboi by the Ebu family upon furnishing the required consideration for the sale and that since then they have been in possession and exercised various possessory rights.

2014 6 CLRN 109
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